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Random thought of the day

Can all nuts (defined edible and provide nutritional value) be made into "milk"?

Welcome one and all to my brain. Being someone who sometimes has these strange and wondrous thoughts, I decided to put a few of the more curious ones on the internet.

Few things before we start;

I am Lactose Intolerant

So there is a reason I try and look up things that can work as alternatives to milk. I grew up with the idea that having a bowl of cereal and milk is a quick meal made to comfort you on a busy morning. When I was little, I had no idea why I got so sick afterwards, but now being older, I understand why and still long for that simple tradition.

So can any nut be made into milk?

No doubt people have tried this. I mean, almond milk, soy milk, etc., had to start with someone willing to try it. A simple Google search pulls up "how to" guides on how to make said nut milk at home. One nut has a sneaky little side effect otherwise known as "pine-mouth syndrome" or just pine mouth. According to many articles, it is a long-lasting copper taste or worse that lasts long after eating one of the offending nuts. And worse yet, it can overwhelm any flavour you try to eat to clear it. So it's a fifty-fifty chance with pine nuts.

Thank you for reading my fun little brain train.

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