Budget knitting supplies I can't live without.

Many under 5 dollars, and super easy to take everywhere.

Hi Webernet,

Okay I guess I should say I knit, the way I explain knitting, "I learned to tie fancy knots with 2 sticks." I learned when I was little, and again when I actually paid attention when I was about 14. Not having much in the way of an allowance or an acceptance to my crafty nature, I learned to make do with what I could.

Budget notions:

- Stitch markers: Clothing sometimes when you purchase certain items come with pins or small safety pins, these are generally made of metal so they last a while. Even the string that comes on tags come with nice quality different coloured strings you can make into a loop and use easily as a way to mark your stitches.

- bobbins: A spare claw clip works a treat, wrapping around the spring (where the arrow is) gives you a bobbin that stays put. You might have to play with how loose you have to wrap it but works really well for small amounts of yarn. You can also use good old fashioned cardboard.

Budget Yarn:

- Do you have a sweater you love the colour of but the fit isn't right? you may have a salvageable garment, that you could gather the yarn from.

- Acrylic: some people give this material a lot of guff, but it can be a viable alternative if you are allergic to natural fibers and they can be just as soft.

- coupons: lots of craft stores have yarn sales, so keep an eye out and you may be able to pick up yarn for relatively inexpensive.

Overall don't let the budget aspect try your creativity, you may need to plan some more, you may have to be a little more creative with a variety of colours rather then one. But at the end of the day its something you made with your own two hands and that's something to be proud of.

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