Five things to know before entering IKEA

The plan to make this trip as painless as possible.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post, about the hallowed ground known as IKEA, the Swedish deign store is known for its flat packed furniture and affordable designs. If you take a peak around the internet there is also another thing this place is known for, confusing building layout, instructions that want nothing to do with you, and the meatballs.

Here are 3 things i found handy on my first expedition:

- Tip #1 : Have measurements for your must have pieces, that way your ready to plan your room and make sure you have enough room for everything.

I went in with the general idea of where I wanted things in my studio apartment, but I didn't know much other then the mattress size. This lead to a lot of walking around and trying to visualize pieces into the room. This took a short trip to the bedroom isles into a long while as I needed to figure out what would fit.

- Tip #2: Do you have a theme? a colour palate? have photos on your phone!

They have a ton of different "idea" rooms on each floor, if you don't have a definitive plan something that could have been easy can become super complicated.

- Tip #3 Budget, what are the pieces that are a must have?

For example a bedroom needs a bed, so put most of your budget to the main pieces that way you can have a functional space while you have fun looking for budget decor pieces.

TO BE CONTINUED when I get my furniture delivered.