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Writing prompt one

Create a Horror Short for the phrase "Caution Children Playing"

The quiet was the most disturbing part, the houses being boarded up though started to come into a close second as the piece of junk you had been driving decided that you needed to learn about small town America. Every shop you passed seemed deserted, the cars along the road were coated in a blanket of dust suggesting that everyone just basically up and left. You almost wanted a dog to start barking or a cricket to start up but, nothing, till you heard a soft giggle. It sounded like a little girl almost. While you were happy to see people you were also wondering why the only "person" you've seen happened to be a little girl in a witch costume. Against your better judgement you decided to follow the noise to what looked like the general store. The TV blared to life as you walked in with handmade signs stating "Caution Children at Play." you about laugh as you follow the signs to the back of the store. When the giggling little girl came out of hiding again.

"Want to play hide and seek?"

As you clear your throat to answer a firm hand grabs your arm and pulls you along the inhumane scream behind you seeming to indicate why your legs should move and move quickly.

"Didn't you see the damned signs; Children at play." your newfound guardian angel grumbled as he cocked his revolver and pulled off a couple of rounds into the creature behind the both of you.

Now you can take it and run with the start of the prompt... happy writing all.
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