Got Brave..

Over the quarantine I had got into a hobby, I didn't think too much of it at first but I wanted to expand my crafty horizons. I got into 3D printing. I started with my FDM printer, Ender 3 pro. I went midrange, nice middle ground, good reviews on Amazon. And it soon became an addiction. I started to learn to make 3D models and how to render them out into printable form. But I wanted to expand, I finally got my resin printer, my Elegoo mars pro, I wanted the detail that I couldn't get with my FDM printer.

The temperamental nature of them, makes it look like I'm performing surgery with the additional expense of gloves because everything is toxic. And from what I learned they all have their own quirks involving lots of cleaning.

I'm learning most definitely and want to keep everyone updated to my little 3d printing journey.