I'm not dead! (yay?)

I've been offline for a while, 2020 wasn't going to let me go that easily and I started coughing last month. So, quarantine! I have been sick and at home from whatever I caught and it has been a ride for sure, (still coughing).

Okay projects on my end of the world, I learned that I can get groceries delivered which is awesome, and tried a new soda Zevia, the cola flavour. It does taste interesting, it does have a diet soda taste but without the diet soda after taste.

I have also brought my 3d FDM printer out of hiding, and the Thermistor broke! it is so darned fragile. This has also taught me a lot via tinkering as to how everything works and what certain things do. There are so many screws and things to break ( like the thermistor) I learned I need all the Allen wrenches, in all sizes, and in all lengths to try and figure out what broke.

I'm waiting on my amazon order so I can sodder things.

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