Kitty brain.

The more I hang out with Spock the more I realize that he likes puzzles, so with the amount of cardboard I've gotten from the, day that shall live in infamy, My first Ikea delivery. I decided to try and recycle this cardboard into something awesome. The first is a scratching post, I've seen these cardboard scratching boards in stores and always thought "I can make that."

The first idea, I need to make a good base, something weighted so it can stay standing. So I'm trying to find something, at first I thought I could use other bits of cardboard, let's just say it didn't pan out too well. The next thing was a yard of thick rope, about the diameter of my little finger I think this may pan out really well. The problem now is the design:

maybe something like this, a boxy sofa, so he can sit and rip it to his heart's content. Now onto cutting a lot of cardboard. Stay safe and make sure you have a self-healing cutting mat!

#cat #craft #cardboard craft