Life and Times of Rupert

To you dear reader,

My name is Rupert, sidekick and confidant of Dr Edmund Maxwell. When we first met, I was but a wee tyke, the excellent doctor, mightily shooing a gigantic beast, away from my broken body. Having the heart that he does, he took me in and got me appropriate medical care when he could. Mainly my goal was to survive the night. I was a stubborn as a tyke and apparently took to feeding well. Then the news came that with the damage that blasted beast did to my wing, I wouldn't be able to fly more than a few meters at a time; they recommended that I take the forever long nap. But the excellent doctor gave me a chance and said he would care for me if I would like him to. And we have been companions ever since, so Snowball, wherever you are, may you have a ball of yarn to play with and treats to fill your belly. I couldn't allow the bad feelings to settle, though I am much bigger now. I am Rupert of the Corvid Species, and welcome to my story.