Cats: the four legged mystery

Curious about who owns who? and what do they think of you?

I am new to owning a cat, this little dude is named Spock and we found each other by fate or fortune who could tell but being of a mind to over analyze everything I want to figure out more of what I can do to keep this little guy engaged. And more importantly not waking me up at 3 am because his food bowl is empty, which he still does, but we are learning.

I have learned that cats are a creature of habit, they have a set way they like things or expect things. So even if you had a heart attack and died in the middle of a room they would still expect your dead body to reanimate and fix their "empty dish" problem.

Like any pet you can figure out what they are motivated by, in my case, Spock is very motivated by food. So to keep him from going crazy and driving me insane we have developed treat levels. We currently have 3 levels, at the most basic I have busy treats, ones that are relatively low calorie and I hide them inside home made puzzle boxes. The second level are treats he really enjoys for treats and I use for introducing new puzzle boxes or something that I want him to get interested in. High level treats are ones he would search the high hills for, and I use these in "scary situations" like nail trimming, or new people.

I understand this involves a bunch of different bags and the like, but I do keep them all in a single bag hidden in other bags to cover the scent, since we have had some "issues."

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