The stigma of "Mental Health"

The idea of "Self-care," is rather new to me.

I grew up in a scary environment, on the outside it looked nice, I had a bed but no friends. I had food when I was allowed. I had books, those were my only friends, I was somewhere you had to perform well mentally or you would be admonished. The threat to my mental health was pretty severe, as I never learned to have a social life, I was awkward, picked on a lot. The books I had were not the ones that made me feel miserable to be alive or to wake up the next day. If i faulted on something I would be called something else, call it what you want but they had a variety of names. "Fat", "Stupid", "Ugly," I learned that my accomplishments were the only thing that mattered because they were what people could use to one-up each other and describe me. Not as a human or as a member of a family, I am a machine that does a thing, and right now trying to figure out what it is like to have feelings and be happy.

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