to be scared or not to be scared...

Well, the idea is simple enough, except when you have something called "constant worry." You are allowed to be scared; that is normal, especially in this time frame we call the aftermath of the villain of 2020. We have to rebuild from the Godzilla attack. So I'm going to try and figure out something. I like puzzle solving; that had always been my thing. I like reading and sometimes writing, though my hand sometimes prohibits that. The idea is I like to work with my brain, but everything gets confusing and muddled. So I'm going to introduce some programs I've started to use: the first one is Airtable!

( free version)

A browser-based productivity suite that moves between templets and personalized lists very easily. I started using the iOS version before this one. My projects transferred seamlessly between both and I, have more room to write. While I do have to admit, the actual project page reminds me of an excel spreadsheet.

The menus are easy to read, and the buttons are actually in the same place on the app and the browser version, which is very nice. This has started to get my life in check and help me stay on top of deadlines with reminders and project goals.

The second is something I would consider for more "visual learners," called Trello; I found this lovely browser-based platform after trying the iOS app and fell in love with the ability to move things into a done list and just seeing the progress towards complete makes it easier for me to get through tough spots.

This is part of a list I started for school assignments, something I did analogue in variousSo, school planners and post-its, but this keeps it all in one space. And the ability to attach certain items such as class notes to a specific assignment is super helpful. So I don't have to look through everything.

I thought I'd give everyone a little look into some productivity things I've been trying.

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