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It all started on a Dark and Stormy night...

[Insert typewriter pun and or noises here]

Welcome to my first blog post, in this blog!

For my first post I don't want to dive into anything too heavy, maybe something i can sprinkle a little light comedy into, and a dash of sarcasm. So I'm going to talk about my cat Spock.

Spock's official title is CEO of cuteness and relative doer of things.

He is definitely my partner in crime and the best nap partner, but he has his quirks like any other cat. When I have bad days he helps me get up and get moving even if its only to and from bed. I don't get judged when i have a bad day I have a purring cat in my lap wondering were the food comes from and thinks that the refrigerator is magical. I want to get that vibe out there as he still has that sense of wonder when it comes to everyday things, and can appreciate a warm pile of fresh laundry like the best of them.

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