Yet another reverse sunrise.

I think I see one too many reverse sunrises, like I see the moon set, once too often nowadays. I couldn't help but just notice my head isn't in a conducive spot for me lately. I do enjoy the fact it is attached to my neck, thus the blood is circulating and then I can type the words that are passing through the CRT monitor that is my brain.

So I've pulled back my thinking going to the absolute basics, I need to take care of myself again. Make sure I eat, make sure I sleep, make sure I do something that makes me chuckle, that last one I have a near-impossible time doing. I find this helps me just try and center myself back into a frame of mind where I can work on other things. Going back to the things I know I can do, and sometimes forget I can do.

Excerpt from the book;

"Blessed be the next sunrise if I shall wake tomorrow may I see what you see... for its the little things that make the next day an adventure."